We understand your needs. 

We want to be a partner in what it takes to make your next listing a success that keeps clients coming back to you and recommending you to their friends.

Hello –

My name is Amy Evans and I believe in my company: Red River Cabinets.

First, I understand your challenges as a REALTOR. When a home is presented to be listed, you want it to quickly get offers, and to be sold in such a way that both the buyer and the seller are happy.  We have all levels of cabinets available, and treat the cabinets for a rental unit with the same level of attention that we treat the largest luxury kitchen remodel.

Red River Cabinets – formerly Red River Granite & Cabinets – is making a name for itself by doing three simple things that we find most of our competitors overlook:

1. Understanding what you NEED.

2. Delivering on what we PROMISE.

3. Making you as REALTOR look GREAT.

As a new vendor to your list of providers, I’m not looking to get all of your cabinet work – I’m looking to EARN it by doing the three things above consistently. I won’t try to sell you more or less than you need. I won’t hold you up from listing your property. I am even happy to speak to prospective buyers to help give them an idea of what a remodel would entail after purchase.

However, in order to do that I need to ask you for the FIRST JOB. Let me and Red River Cabinets show you what we can do and prove our value.

We know this: 

A. If that first job isn’t done right, odds are there won’t be a second.

B. Our success depends on handling and delivering every job like it’s the first.


I’m asking for the opportunity to do business with you and prove that Red River Cabinets deserves to be on your team.

Interested? Then please give me a call, or email me with your thoughts and ideas. Let’s do some work together.

Thank you for your time – I look forward to hearing from you.


Amy Evans

Project & On-site Management 

Red River Cabinets, Inc. 


Office: 859-744-0006